Andy Nelson’s BBQ

Writing about Andy Nelson’s BBQ seems to be sort of a cop out, because everyone who knows anything about Baltimore-area eating knows Andy Nelson’s. It’s the classic Baltimore BBQ joint, albeit located very close to Hunt Valley rather than the Inner Harbor.

Andy Nelson’s will cost a family of four under $40, and they have excellent BBQ. As long as you eat chicken, beef or prok, a family can’t go wrong here. Conversely, a family of vegetarians and/or vegans would be best going elsewhere, but this is classic BBQ.

I’m not even going to write about the food. It’s fantastic BBQ and I’ll leave it at that. A lot of blogs will tell you as much. No reason to get that from here.

Instead I’m going to write about a few things that probably wouldn’t show up in other blog posts on Andy Nelson’s but further show why it’s a great family restaurant in Baltimore.

The outside area is just picnic tables, but the inside area has seating that reminds you of being in a southern shack with different small rooms. I went to college in Georgia, and I’ve seen my share of southern shacks. Andy Nelson’s has character. Also the walls are covered with different items and knick-knacks, many from Andy Nelson’s days on The Baltimore Colts. There are also a lot of pigs on the walls. Kids can look at these things and be entertained.

The music played through speakers is blues, rockabilly and Little Richard. My son can dance here in his high chair. The music and all the things to look at make eating at Andy Nelson’s fun.

But the best thing I can write about are the people who work here. The last time we went here, one guy was cleaning tables, and he came by several times to play with my son. And this same man also gave my 2 year old a small package of Oreo cookies. For the record a small package of Oreo cookies comes with the kid’s portion meal, but this guy gave my kid a second pack. And that was really nice. My son was much happier to get the second small pack of Oreo cookies than the one that had been sitting on his plate since I brought over the food.

Andy Nelson’s BBQ
11007 York Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030
(410) 527-1226


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