The Falls in Mt Washington

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything new, but I’m going to regularly do posts now. I’ve had many good meals (and bad ones) with my family, and new posts are needed. Also people have requested I start posting again.

The Falls Restaurant in the Mt. Washington section of Baltimore should be an ideal family restaurant. It can work incredibly well as either a coffee shop, restaurant or bar. Virtually nothing (including steaks) is more than $20. They have fantastic fries so good you don’t need ketchup. The place gets young people just past 21 going out for fun, families, couples on dates, seniors and everyone else. In general it’s an enjoyable outing and a cool place to be. Also the owners actively market through sites like, so you can get a deal your first time to check it out. They also offer random discounts in different outlets such as to members of my family’s swim club (Meadowbrook in Mt. Washington), so they really are trying to fill the place.

And the above is part of the problem, because the place gets filled, and the service can be attrocious. Utterly attrocious. The last time we went, the one bartender in the filled to capacity restaurant was also our server. Huh? With all the people out of work in Baltimore, they can’t find more service employees?

So why the heck is this the first post I’ve entered in a year- Because this place has the potential to be a destination restaurant for adults with kids in Baltimore. There are always kids at The Falls, and they seem to like kids. The restaurant is reasonable, and it features menu items that you would expect at a much more expensive restaurant. Also The Falls has comfort food done creatively, but not so creatively that their food turns off kids. Even my wife said this is the perfect concept for us, in that it’s lively, keeps my son engaged, it’s on a much higher level for a fun evening out than most chains and it doesn’t have to cost much more than Friday’s.
They just need to get their act in gear and get changing tables in the bathrooms.

I definitely recommend this place once, because it can shine as a family friendly restaurant. However, if it seems like a mess whern you open the door (the restaurant is for all purposes one large open space), it’s probably more of a mess that night than you can imagine. So if it looks like a mess, get out quick and go around the corner to either The Desert Cafe, Mt. Washington Tavern, Ethel & Ramone’s or the French place with crepes and fantastic lemonade.

The Falls
1604 Kelly Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209


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