Golden West Cafe- Baltimore Family Restaurant to the Extreme

The Golden West Cafe is actually so kid friendly and family friendly that it sometimes rubs patrons without kids the wrong way. It’s a place where about ten high chairs of assorted size are along the wall, and the waiting area is also a play area. And kids are allowed to misbehave in the dining area (within reason of course, albeit the within reason parameters are much greater here than most restaurants).

It’s also got a fun, funky vibe. The restaurant is decorated ina casual-coll manner with old album covers everywhere. And a substantial percentage of the wait staff are members of local bands, so Goelden West is a chill place to hang.

Golden West features a breakfast menu all day, but it also has a substantial lunch and dinner menu for those who don’t want breakfast. Many of their menu items have a southwestern flair, hence the name “Golden West.”

Golden West gives huge Cowboy-sized portions, and food quality at Golden West is nothing to scoff at. In fact I’ve taken my discerning parents here who’ve even stayed at to Blackberry Farm (if that means anything to you), and they thought Golden West’s food was excellent.

At one time, before I had a son incidentally, I did not really like Golden West Cafe. It’s the type of place where what goes on goes on, and if you don’t like it, the people who work here often seem very happy to just have you leave. Most restaurants are not like this, because those that are generally go out of business. As it turns out though, Golden West has throved. And one thing that goes on at Golden West Cafe is that kids have a substantial amount of leeway here, which works well if you are going to dine with kids.

If someone from out of town with kids asked me to give them one unique place to take their family for a casual but good meal, it’s possible this would be it.

1105 W 36Th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 889-8891

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2 Responses to “Golden West Cafe- Baltimore Family Restaurant to the Extreme”

  1. Scot Says:

    I love your blog! I am a single dad, and alsays looking for great places to take my 6 and 8 year-old. Thanks for the great information!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1749abc Says:

    The Taco Salad is delicious! I wasn’t so happy with the huevo Monte. I finished it at home and added some balsamic from the taco salad to the Monte and finished it up. Also they need to serve a sauce with the sweet pot fries!

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