Blu Bambu, a good Baltimore Family Restaurant

Blu Bambu is a good place for a quick meal with kids.  It’s located right on the harbour in the same huge building that ESPN Zone, Hard Rock Cafe and Barnes & Noble are located in, although it’s on the opposite end of the building as ESPN Zone.  Facing the building, Blu Bambu is to the right of Barnes & Noble nearby Chipotle.

Blu Bambu has different Asian options, but probably the best way to describe it would be Mongolian Barbecue that just allows for one bowl.   In that sense don’t expect to gorge yourself at Blu Bambu, because there’s no way to really overeat unless you order multiple meals.  Also many of the appetizers that at first seem most appealing come out fried, which in my view makes them less appealing.  Spring rolls especially are less springy after being fried.  I mostly skip the appetizers. 

On another note, to my knowledge Blu Bambu does not have a restroom with a chaging table, and there aren’t many tables.  So if it’s full, I assume Blu Bambu would be tight. 

So far this has not been the greatest review.  But as of now I only include the best Baltimore family friendly restaurants in this Blog, so there are indeed reasons why Blu Bambu is a standout Baltimore Family Restaurant.

The main positives of Blu Bambu stem from it being cheap, fast and pretty nonchalant.  It’s also a little different, the food is tasty and for the most part rather healthy.  Sure, you won’t be able to gorge yourself here like at traditional Mongolian barbecue restaurants, but gorging isn’t healthy.   And Blu Bambu usually costs less than $10 a person, which is much less than traditional Mongolian Barbecue.  

As an aside, if you’re going non-vegetarian, make sure you get extra meat.  It’s only a couple bucks more, and, if you don’t pay for extra meat, you run the risk of gettting very little/mini-meat.

Really though the main reason I’m including this place is because we once went close to closing time, and one of the employees took a huge amount of interest in our son.  She sang to him, came to our table and made funny faces with him as well as played drums using chopsticks on the table with him.   Now, that only happened once, but it’s never happened to the same extent anyplace else in Baltimore.    

And that’s a major reason we keep coming back.  You won’t get the best meal of your life here.  However, you’ll get a good meal.  Plus ordering Mongolian barbecue style is a little different along with fun.   And you can be sure that they appreciate seeing you.

Blu Bambu

621 E Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD


Blu Bambu on Urbanspoon


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