Todd Conner’s- Baltimore Family Restaurant Gem

Todd Conner’s is really about as good of a family restaurant as you can imagine, although driving by, most people would never really think this family restaurant standout would be.    I’ve never seen it show up on a list of best Baltimore Family Restaurants either, but it definitely is a great place to go if you’re in Baltimore with kids. 

It looks like a nice Fells Point restaurant with plenty of al fresco dining, and it also looks like a quality place to drink.   It is both of those things.  Additionally,  Todd Conner’s takes their food seriously as well.  Those above three things don’t always tie with great family restaurants.   But Todd Conner’s is all about family, because this restaurant is literally based on family.

Todd Conner’s is owned and run by a fairly young husband and wife team, and they have an infant daughter.   In fact the couple expected a boy (they intended to name him “Todd Conner”).   Their restaurant preceded the  delivery, so they named the restaurant in honor of their expected son.  Although they didn’t have a son, so they hope to someday open up a second restaurant and name it for their daughter.

My wife and I have gone here with our son several times, and they’ve always focused on him.  Also the last time we went to Todd Connor’s, the mother of the female owner stopped by with the couple’s  daughter.  What all this means is, you can bring your kids here, and they are happy to have them.  They love kids.

But the food is really good.  It’s not pub food either but rather at least a step above.  It’s also a very cool locale.  You can bring the kids here, get a ribeye steak, fresh catch or pasta dish as well as have a good cold beer like you used to.  The kids will have fun and you will too.

700 S Broadway

Baltimore, MD  21231

Todd Conner's on Urbanspoon


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