Cafe Hon

Cafe Hon is about as family and kid-friendly a restaurant as you can get in Baltimore. They’ve got a large soda and ice cream fountain after all, plus a varied assortment of tasty dessert pies. They sell little toys, games and t-shirts to appeal to the kid in everyone. Ca  fe Hon is about getting a really good meal without breaking the bank, having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

This Baltimore institution, named after the Baltimoresque institution of a “Hon” (which is a streetsmart, charming, blue collar woman in a beehive hair-due straight out of a John Waters movie), single-handidly provided the catalyst that turned the Hampden section of Baltimore into a place worth going to.

Cafe Hon is a fun restaurant that designed to be a place for families to congregate. The food isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s very inexpensive for the quality. You won’t find fast-food prices here, but you won’t be eating anything near what you’d get from a short order cook.

You always get a very good meal at Cafe Hon. Such things being said, honestly Hon, the last time Melissa, David and I went there, I had a simply fantastic meal that I won’t quickly forget.

It was the week of Mardi Gras. I got a birch beer soda, a surprisingly large bowl of well-spiced crawdads and potatoes as an appetizer for $5 and a sizeable entree of professionally cooked blackened catfish with sides for $12.95. Plus I got a slice of blueberry pie. My meal came to just about $25 with tax, and it was incredible. The catfish was cooked as well as it would have been cooked at Blue Sea or Oceanaire, if either had the sense to offer catfish around Mardi Gras.

I lived in New Orleans for five years when I was younger, so creole/New Orleans food that doesn’t cut it jumps out to me like a sore thumb. Forget about bad New Orleans-style food, I can’t eat anything that doesn’t taste like it came straight out of the French Quarter. I couldn’t believe Cafe Hon cut mustard with the Mud Bugs and Blackened Catfish. They could have charged me $15 more for that meal, and I still would have been happy.

The only minor setback with Cafe Hon in the kid and family-friendly department is it can get packed with tables pretty close together. But in their defense, when we went there with David, the hostess put us in the perfect place for a couple with a baby. We were seated in the back at a table with plenty of space for a high chair, which they brought out so we could then easily attach David’s carrier to it.   Cafe Hon places strong value on families, and these guys really know what they are doing.

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One Response to “Cafe Hon”

  1. baltimoregal Says:

    Glad to hear the blackened catfish has improved. The last time I got it it was so hot I had to wipe off all the seasoning to eat it.

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