Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls is not a restaurant.  So this post is a little cheating I guess.  But Melissa and I both thought it should be included, so I am including it.  Besides- I think a little variety to the posts can only help now and then. 

Empty Bowls is a fundraiser that occurs nationwide apparently.  I just learned that after searching on Google for “empty bowls.”  Here in Baltimore, there was an empty bowls fundraiser last Saturday at College of Notre Dame for St Vincent du Pauls’.


St Vincent du Paul’s provides many services to people in need, so it’s for a good cause.  But the main reason I’m including Empty Bowls here is because this fundraiser was a very kid friendly event focused on food.

The program was $15 for a ticket, and kids could even get a free kids meal.  For $15, there were about 15-17 area restaurants and caterers who specifically brought soup.  Some really good Baltimore-area restaurants like Dogwood, Sabatino’s and Parkside were there, and you could get bowls of soup from any and/or all of the providers. 

There were also free soft drinks and desserts.  Plus there were literally thousands of ceramic bowls made by kids, and buying a ticket also entitled you to choose any one of the bowls and to take it home.

My son David didn’t have any soup, because at five months old he sure can’t have soup.  But he had a good time and got lots of compliments.  Also we met one of Melissa’s co-workers, her husband their four year old son at Empty Bowls, and he had a really good time too. 

This event was really well organized with loads of volunteers who knew what they were doing.  And seriously, I got three great bowls of soup, a bowl of vegetarian chili from One World Cafe which I like, a bowl of clam chowder, two Cokes and a ceramic heart bowl of my choice to take home for $15?!!  Plus I helped out a valuable charity- Since family friendly eating is all about having fun, good food, teaching your kid good values and not breaking the bank, this event was fantastic.

I’m already looking forward to it next year.


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