Pasticcio Baltimore family restaurant manga

Pasticcio has to be one of the most family and kid-friendly restaurants in Baltimore.   Better yet, you can easily get out of here for $20  person with a soda, entree and shared appetizer.   My wife and I have brought David to Pasticcio at least a couple times already, and there aren’t may restaurants our five-month old has visited at least twice. 

Pasticcio is a rather large and fairly bare bones Italian restaurant in the Canton area of Baltimore.   Pasticcio doesn’t have table cloths, and you won’t find many people ordering fine wine.  If there’s anyone ordering wine, they probably just asked for “a glass of red” or “a glass of white.”  Their menu is fairly extensive and has all the basic Italian dishes you’d expect, but food here tastes better and fresher than you would expect at a reasonable restaurant without tablecloths. 

In addition to the common Italian dishes, Pasticcio also has some original daily specials.   At least one of the daily specials is usually a seafood dish.  

My wife is from a large Italian family in South Philly, so she knows good Italian food as well as anybody.  And this is a place she really likes.  Melissa has actually recommended it on her own to some friends who have kids especially, and some of them have been back multiple times. 

We were looking for a place to go on Valentine’s Day, and Melissa thought Pasticcio would be a great a place to go with David.  I wasn’t sure how it would be taking him there on Valentine’s Day, but I was fine coming to Pasticcio again.  At least I knew it wouldn’t cost much, more or less have the regular Valentine’s Day restaurant price increase.

As it turned out though, Pasticcio was a great choice for Valetine’s Day with David.   The restaurant was pretty packed, with probably half of the tables being taken by people with families.  In fact there were multiple other tables with babies as young as David.

And that’s all I have to write.  What else need to be written?  In this economy,  even on Valentine’s Day, restaurants are having a hard time getting anyone.  So a place that can fill up with a lot of families on Valentine’s Day is unquestionably a family-friendly restaurant.  And I doubt many of those families’ were just randomly choosing to go here on Valentine’s Day.  They’d probably been here before and realized it was a great place for families and kids.

Pasticcio occupies the space that was formerly Franco Zeppi’s in Canton.  It is in the area known as the Can Company near Austin Grille, Starbucks, Coldstone and Canton Safeway.   If you’re not too familiar with Baltimore, the harbor bends in and out.  The first main bend that people know of is the Inner Harbor.  The next one is Fells Point, and Canton is really the next one after Fells Point.  So Pasticcio is about a 5 minute drive from Fells Point and a 10 minute drive from the Inner Harbor.

2400 Boston St # 120
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 522-7700

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