Los Amigos are friends to your family

My wife, David and I went to Los Amigos about a month ago.   It’s a Mexican restaurant located at 5506 Harford Road in the area of Baltimore known as Hamilton.

I had never heard of this place.  I found it after doing a search for “Baltimore Family Restaurants” on Google that pretty much told me nothing else interesting.  Most of the hits that came up were diners.  There was a link to a list of top Family Restaurants in Baltimore on City Search though, and this restaurant was listed.   Most of the other restaurants were chains like Pizza Hut.

You can never be sure of anything that comes up as a Top 10 for any ranking on City Search, because their rankings are just dominated by spam and fake junk.  Anybody can go on City Search, vote multiple times for a category and get their business listed at the top.  For example, it wouldn’t surprise me if a Long John Silver’s franchise is listed as one of the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans on City Search.

So we went here with trepidation.  We actually wanted to go to Clementine in Hamilton, but it was booked solid.  Still I like Mexican food, and it’s always reasonable.  So how bad could it be?  With that in mind, we were both very surprised at how good this restaurant ended up being.

Los Amigos is a large restaurant set in what really amounts to one gigantic room dominated by a large tiki bar at the front.   The room is more like a hall than a traditional restaurant dining room, and this really works for families.   There is plenty of space and privacy.  Moreover, the side walls of Los Amigos are cordoned off into multiple individual vestibules, with each vestibule having its own table.  We sat in one of these spaces, so we had plenty of privacy to be with David.  It was like our own little area, and since he was just about 3 and a half months old at that time, having our own little area was a huge benefit.  He was very well behaved, but if he hadn’t been, it would not have been a problem.

The waitress took a strong interest in David and came by our table multiple times just to check on and interract with him.  She made us feel very comfortable, and we could tell she wanted our son to have fun.   I don’t know if this always happens with families here, but we really were pleasantly surprised across the board at how good of a place this was for families.   Moreover, for what it’s worth, the comment on City Search about Los Amigos specifically mentioned that the wait staff take a strong interest in children.   So I tend to think the great way were were treated here is pretty common.

Adding to everything, the food was very yummy and reasonable.  I had a chicken asada platter witha a Pacifico beer that had the right mixture of rice, beans and chicken.   The platter practically cosisted of half a chicken.  My wife was equally happy with her meal, and we shared fried ice cream for dessert.  The total meal with tip if I remember right was under $35. 

We will definitely go back to this place soon, and in fact I bet we will end up coming back here fairly regularly.   It’s fun to go to a good Mexican restaurant, and this really was what a family-friendly restaurant should be.  It’s restaurants like this that are the reason I’m writing this blog.


5506 Harford Rd
Baltimore, MD 21214
(410) 444-4220


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