Baltimore Family and Kid Friendly Restaurants Blog

My name is Adam Edward Rothwell.  I am an immigration lawyer who lives and works in Baltimore, MD. My immigration law firm, The Law Offices of Adam Edward Rothwell, is located online at

I like to write and eat.   And now I am writing this blog.  I am not from Baltimore, but I have lived here for about seven years.

I am writing this blog because there does not seem to be much info on Kid and Family friendly restaurants in Baltimore.  My wife and I are kind of foodies.  I say kind of, because  Baltimore is not New york, San Fran or even DC when it comes to restaurants.   Still we do have some very good restaurants that can hold their own anywhere, more than most people would think actually. 

The problem is we don’t have enough people willing to pay the money necessary to regularly eat at them, so often even very good restaurants here have a hard time making it and close before long.  But that’s another blog for someone else to write.

I am writing this blog, because I figured this information would be easily accessible, and it isn’t.  We have a son born in late Sept 2008, and we have taken him out to restaurants since he was less than a month old.   And we can’t take him to many of the places we used to go to.   Nice, tablecloths, wine and a baby in a carrier usually don’t mix well.  Other diners give you stares.   The experience loses something.

And I searched for this topic, and not much came up.  Also I am a faithful reader of Baltimore Sun food critic Elizabeth Large’s blog and have posted comments on her blog as well as emailed her in the past about restaurants.    She once did a Top 10 List on this topic and acknowledged not knowing much herself, because she doesn’t have kids.  She posted other peoples’ comments to make the list of Top 10 Family/Kid Friendly Restaurants in Baltimore, and the list wasn’t good. 

Ergo this blog.

I will write this blog until I run out of restaurants worth including.   Please send me your comments, because I am interested in knowing what other people think.  And I am not from here, so I by no means know all there is to know on this topic.   Additionally, there is no ranking.  In other words, the first restaurant I write about isn’t necessareily more Family or Kid Friendly than the last one.


One Response to “Baltimore Family and Kid Friendly Restaurants Blog”

  1. Amy Says:

    You should check out The Restaurant Mom brings you kid-friendly restaurant ratings, kids eat free deals,
    & everything in between that’s restaurant related. You can also nominate your favorite restaurants to be added to the list and they give annual awards to the most kid-friendly spots!

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